Trading on Sundays and holidays restricted – new laws in Poland

The Polish Sejm has now passed an act placing restrictions on retail trade on Sundays, national holidays, and other days (text: ISAP). On the Sundays and national holidays specified in the act, retail outlets are prohibited from conducting retail activities and other retail-related activities. The act lists a broad range of exceptions. The new law is due to come into force on 1 March 2018.

The main provision in the act is a rule that prohibits retail outlets from conducting two types of activity on Sundays and national holidays. The first is retail and activities associated with retail. The second is assigning an employee or worker work in retail and activities associated with retail. The exceptions are listed in a separate provision in an extensive list comprising 32 points. Examples are petrol stations, pharmacies and pharmacy outlets, retail outlets at hotel establishments, duty-free zones, bakeries, confectionary stores and ice-cream parlours, and online shopping stores and internet platforms.

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