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Business name, registered office address:
Dr Igor B. Nestoruk Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego
ul. J. Bajana 13, 60-408 Poznań, Poland

Registration authority and registered number:
Central Business Activities Records and Information Service (CEIDG)
Circuit Chamber of Legal Advisors (OIRP) in Poznań


Applicable professional self-governing bodies:
Legal adviser entered in the register of legal advisers  kept by the Circuit Chamber of Legal Advisers (OIRP) in Poznań, Poland, under number PZ-2537.


Certified translator of German entered in the register of certified translators kept by the Minister of Justice (Ministry of Justice, Legal Professions and Access to Legal Assistance Department, Certified Translators Section, Warsaw, Poland) under number TP/575/05.

What the service involves:
A legal adviser provides legal assistance including without limitation by:
– providing legal advice,
– preparing legal opinions,
– drafting legislation, and
– acting before courts and authorities.

A certified translator is allowed to:
– translate and certify his or her translations from a foreign language to Polish from Polish into a foreign language, as well as verifying and certifying such translations prepared by other persons,
– prepare certified copies of letters in a foreign language or verify and certify copies of letters prepared in a given foreign language by other persons,
– interpret (translate orally).

Fees of legal advisors who work in law firms are agreed in contracts with customers. They may be agreed as fixed fees, hourly rates or otherwise depending on the service. If applicable, the customer is informed that he or she needs to pay official fees or charges such as court fees, stamp duties, industrial property protection fees, taxes or fees of certifies translators and notaries.

A certified translator’s fee is agreed in a contract with the customer who orders a translation, subject to the applicable regulation of the Minister of Justice on certified translators’ fees.

Taxpayer identification number (NIP) and REGON number:
NIP 781-113-03-03 [PL 7811130303]
REGON 634394152

Compulsory insurance:
Compulsory liability insurance of legal advisors for EUR 100,000 and additional legal !advisor’s liability insurance for EUR 250,000 under insurance policies 07 KIRP/1/15 and 07 KIRP/2/15 signed by the National Chamber of Legal Advisors with insurers PZU S.A. and TUiR WARTA S.A..

Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 11 December 2003 on compulsory liability of legal advisors (Journal of Laws No. 217, item 2135) defines what is to be insured and to what extent.

Main legislation:
Legal Advisors Act of 6 July 1982 (consolidated text in the Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1870)
Certified Translators Act of 25 November 2004 (consolidated text in the Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1505)
Legal Advisors’ Code of Ethics  – applicable from 1 July 2015.

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