Practice Areas

Competition law

mar2_600x600The skill of finding your way through the maze of legal rules of market competition is fundamental to decision-making processes in business. Knowing competition law is essential for both market strategy and tactics.

Our competition law services include:

  • providing opinions on business aims or plans, including contracts, marketing or investment projects;
  • preventive actions aimed at securing the client and responding to unfair competition practices;
  • developing and implementing antitrust compliance programmes;
  • representing clients in proceedings before national and foreign authorities;
  • providing “market case study” training for managers and other personnel.

Intellectual property law

tra_600x600Prudent management of intellectual property rights such as copy rights or industrial property rights, is crucial from the perspective of authors as well as businesses. Securing those rights properly is an important element in the majority of business projects.

As part of its intellectual property practice, the Law Office of Dr Igor B. Nestoruk offers the following services to creators, authors, designers as well as to businesses:

  • assisting in contract drafting, including negotiations;
  • providing a comprehensive IP legal check-up service which includes evaluating the legal status of intangible assets, including examination of Polish and international resources (registers), and identifying legal risks;
  • developing litigation tactics and taking the agreed course of legal action (pre-trial measures and representation in proceedings);
  • providing training to managers and other staff on legal tools for developing and protecting innovation.

Consumer law


Consumers are more and more protected by the law which continues to provide new solutions to protect consumer interests. It requires businesses and, to a similar degree, also consumers to base their decisions on a professional analysis of applicable laws and regulations.

We offer legal assistance to businesses and consumers which includes:

  • providing a legal assessment of specific B2C or C2C market practices;
  • evaluating the existing or preparing new contractual terms and conditions, including terms and conditions of sale;
  • supporting in planned marketing activities, including the drafting of professional codes of good practice;
  • representing before courts and authorities, especially in alternative dispute resolution procedures;
  • training managers and other staff or customers (e.g. in a distribution chain) on laws and regulations, whether enacted or in the pipeline.

EU law

bus2_600x600The EU internal market is a new area of opportunity for business people, consumers, employers and employees to make their plans a reality. It is necessary to know the EU’s legal framework in order to operate or work adequately there and to run projects more efficiently.

We offer the following legal advice services in the area of EU law:

  • providing opinions on the current legislation and on the practice of applying the EU law;
  • representing before the competent courts, authorities or institutions of the European Union;
  • training managers and other staff on EU laws and regulations, whether existing or in the pipeline.

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