Academic Seminar: „Der Mensch als Bürger und Konsument“

From 30 May until 2 June 2016 at the University of Bayreuth, the 3rd Junior Researcher Workshop of University of Bayreuth and Adam-Mickiewicz-University of Poznań (“Der Mensch als Bürger und Konsument“) took place. The participants, employees, doctoral candidates and students at the faculties of law at the University of Bayreuth and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan gave presentations on a series of topical issues in English and in German.

Among the issues raised in the presentations and discussions was the question of personal data protection. This was discussed in terms of industry-specific legislation (telecommunications, transportation, energy, insurance, and foodstuff law) and the most recent EU legislation, but also from the point of view of international private law.

During the panel discussion on civil law issues, Dr Nestoruk gave a lecture entitled “Bonität des Verbrauchers als Persönlichkeitsrecht – Anmerkungen zum Urteil des polnischen Obersten Gerichts”.

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