Hotel, motel or pension (boarding house) – proprietary names

According to the Act of August 29, 1997 on tourist services (ISAP), the rendering of hotel services in Poland is subject to a specific administrative regime. At its core, it involves standardization and categorization of establishments that provide lodging services normatively defined as „hotel establishments”. The Act defines eight types of hotel establishments that are included in that system: hotels (“hotels”), motels (“motele”), pensions (“pensjonaty”), campsites (“kempingi”, “camping”), tourist houses (“domy wycieczkowe”), youth hostels (“schroniska młodzieżowe”), shelters (“schroniska ”) and bivouac spots (“pola biwakowe”).
Specific provisions concerning the use of generic terms that describe (in Polish) these types of establishments provide an important part of the regulatory approach. According to Article 43 of the Act, commercial exploitation of these names is reserved „exclusively for the hotel establishments in the meaning of the Act”. See more – PUBLICATIONSProblematyka nazw prawnie zastrzeżonych na przykładzie nazw rodzajowych obiektów hotelarskich…

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